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DBS Surgery:

"Bought Me 10 Years or More"

Greatest Challenges:

1. Off-Times/Tremors
4. Gorging on Sweets & Junkfood
5. Can't Relax
6. Breathing Properly
8. (Not) Sleeping
9. Dyskinesias/(Dystonia?)
10. Weather Changes
11. Anxiety/Stress
12. Weight Loss

Other Symptoms: Read my best answers to other PD symptoms that have affected me (or affect me on an ongoing basis).
  • The more in shape you are and the healthier you eat the less crap that you have to eliminate from your body which results in greater energy.
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Guess what - meditation does not magically restore functionality of the cells in that part of the brain where dopamine isn't being produced. Why does it feel crappy without dopamine? Why is it frightening?  Maybe it's the stiffness, or the not being able to walk properly or maybe it's the effect of remembering all those times you've struggled in your life without dopamine and all the bad feelings associated with(out) it? ... the tremor, unsteadiness, clumsiness, stiffness, uncoordination, the bad dreams, the fear of falling, the pain, the slowness...
Maybe that's the normal reaction of the brain/body when it asks for something it supposed to get, but doesn't which results in it not being able to physically do what it wanted to do.                              


What is dopamine's role in anxiety? In confidence? What determines it's release? Autonomic or consciousness? Physical need or psychological want?  If the brain releases it because it likes the feeling, why doesn't it weigh the difference between the feeling of the negative impact caused by the effects of the physical impacts of PD?  If you believe this shaking is being caused by my brain's  want of more dopamine then why would it risk or compromise my physical well-being, my survival to get it?

Top 10 Reasons as to Why I'm Shaking:
#10.. Poor air quality, pollution, ozone
# 9... Depletion of Meds, Meds have run out,
# 8....Backed up big-time
# 7....Too much food
# 6... Food allergy and/or sensitivity
# 5... Weather changes, Cold air, Humidity level
# 4... Gastroparesis, Slow digestion  
# 3... Not enough water 
# 2... Overdue for B12 shot

- And the # 1 reason as to why I'm shaking.... 

....... I have Parkinson's Disease!!!

Coincidence or Connection?

    • Is Zinc a link?
    • Whey! No Whey!
    • Milk is definitely not "it", (or Milk x3 is death for me)